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Broadband Provision in Baunton Village

Latest update:

We have received some brief information about the start of installing the fibre network in the village.

The principal contractor is 'Complete Utilities'.  They have two teams available who will work towards each other: one along Downs Way and the other along the lane from Baunton Mill.

Residents will continue to have access into the village and their homes, under a 'Long Delays' arrangement, i.e. traffic may be delayed, but roads will not be closed.

Where the contractor is not able to dig in verges because they are private or close to walls, they will work in the carriageway, using a topcutter where suitable, to enable them to work as quickly as possible.

Their planners will letter drop the village and spray pot locations during week commencing 17th July.


As you know the Parish Council has, for some time, been trying to secure a faster broadband service for the village. As a result, the Gigaclear service is estimated to be available in the village by the end of August 2017. This will provide superfast broadband at speeds of at least 50 Mbps to anyone who signs up.

Different levels of service are available from Gigaclear. Full details and a price comparison with BT are available on the Gigaclear website . There is an option to include a phone service and you can keep your existing phone number.

Once the lines are installed in the village you can choose to install the equipment yourself or pay an extra fee to have Gigaclear install it. If you are interested, you can register your interest, or place your order, with Gigaclear now on their website - of course you won't be charged anything until the service is actually available.

The Parish Council will continue to liaise with Gigaclear and Fastershire and provide further news when it is available.


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